365体育手机版网站Safety Controls include safety stop switches, pull cords, belt alignment controls, damaged belt detectors, bucket elevator alignment controls and bulk material flow controls.

365体育手机版网站Our Conveyor Belt Cleaners include top of the line rotary brush cleaners to the more prudent single or multi-blade cleaners. We also make plow style belt cleaners.

Our level controls include rugged paddle wheel switches and tilt level probes. A paddle wheel switch can indicate the presence or absence of dry bulk material within a bin or hopper.

The Model AD is an aeration pad or diffuser that is used to provide a means of introducing low pressure air into a dry bulk material that has become compacted due to settling.

Motion Controls include our line of contact and non-contact zero speed controls and speed monitors. Weather proof and explosion proof units available.

The Model SC skirtboard clamp forms the basis for a dust containing system that does not allow any bulk material to leave the edges of the conveyor belt.

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Conveyor Components Company, established in 1965, is world renowned for quality engineered products at economical prices. Bulk material handling customers and processing industries have come to depend on Conveyor Components Company as a manufacturer of conveyor controls, motion controls, level controls, bin aerators and conveyor belt cleaners.

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